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Lawn aeration is the process of creating hundreds of holes throughout your lawn by using a machine to pull plugs of soil. It is recommended annually for your lawn. There are two times of year that you aerate-spring or fall. Spring aeration is usually recommended over fall. In fall it is a great option if you have a heavy clay based soil. Lawns that are aerated every year, spring or fall, are greener because water is able to penetrate the root zone more easily because of the newly created holes.

Doing aeration once a year is also necessary to reduce thatch and soil compaction. Soil compaction is how hard the soil gets from simply walking, mowing, playing or watering the lawn. It’s just a matter of time before the ground becomes harder and the roots become shallow not being able to easily penetrate the hard soil. Lawn Tex is committed to deliver an supreme level of aeration service that you won’t find in any other lawn company in this area. Our experienced professionals will work with you through the whole process of the project to make sure you are satisfied. So feel free to contact us at anytime.


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